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Exterior Interior Specialists

Journeyman, EIS Union Signatory Foreman, and Apprentice Carpenters and Utility Workers

  • Wood Carpenter
  • Drywall Installer
  • Insulation Specialists
  • Cold Formed Steel Framer
  • Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Installer
  • Specialty Ceiling & Acoustics Installer

Taping & Finishing

Journeyman, Union Painters and Allied Trades Signatory Foreman, and Apprentices and Utility Workers
  • Taping & Finishing
  • Spray Texturing

Plasterers & Fireproofing

Operative Plasterers Signatory Foreman, Journeyman & Apprentices

  • Stucco Installer
  • Veneer Interior Plaster
  • Ornamental Plaster
  • Acoustical Plaster Systems
  • Intumescent Fire Stopping


Union Painters and Allied Trades Signatory Foreman, Journeyman and Apprentices

  • Caulking
  • Masking
  • Painting
  • Miscellaneous Finishes

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