Acoustic Ceilings/Specialty Acoustics

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceiling tiles are a very common choice for building materials in offices, health care facilities, retail spaces, and various other commercial properties in today’s day and age.  Acoustic ceiling tiles reduce echoes that could be considered disruptive to the work environment, typically caused by vocals in an open space. Here at MCG Commercial, our team specializes in the installation, renovation, and repairing of acoustic ceilings for all commercial structures.

Specialty Acoustics

MCG Commercial specializes in specialty acoustics for your construction project.  Specialty acoustics is a service we provide that conditions the sound of your commercial property, creating a suitable environment for businesses such as restaurants, bars, wineries, offices, and more.  Every service we provide is to our clients’ specifications, and specialty acoustics are no exception. We ensure that we handle your project with care, and see every objective through to the end to complete your construction project with perfection.

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